A lazy meandering river stretched across the Northern Plain like a giant green snake. Along its banks, an endless variety of creatures flourished amongst the rich vegetation. Far off in the distance, a jagged range of mountains loomed like a fortress wall surrounding the plains on every side. Beyond those mountains, a vast badlands stretched for as far as the eye could see.

There was a mile high cliff separating the Northern Plain from the Southern Plain, where the quiet river cascaded down, becoming droplets like rain, falling, then crashing into a violently broiling pool far below. The water rushed along as a terrible raging river, churning and swirling over and around the jagged, treacherous rocks toward the southernmost part of the Southern Plain where it would disappear in a mighty, swirling whirlpool.

Atop the Northern Plain, not far from where the river tumbled over the cliff, stood a dormant volcano. It stood tall against the flatland, but not much higher than the tallest of the trees which were scattered across the area. Unlike the rest of the friendly Northern Plain, this volcano was rough and rugged, resembling the Southern Plain far below.

At the top of the volcano was a large crater. A man lived in this crater. Under a canopy of tree branches and palm leaves, on a bed of soft furs he slept.

Beside him was a large assortment of sharp spears and some longer ones leaning against the canopy, their sharp pointed ends reaching into the sky.

There were some large gourds to one side, and down under a rocky ledge were piles of fruits and nuts. There were also some odd shaped bread loaves under the ledge, or Amana Cakes as there were called by the man.

The man was called Rad-Bad.